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A gamified platform engaging employees to reduce their emissions

Helping global companies across 36 countries achieve their net-zero targets. Discover the social sustainability platform considered best in class to reduce and report on employee Scope 3 emissions.

Trusted by Fortune 500s

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Educate, calculate, and reduce CO2

Our promise: Higher employee engagement around sustainability. Faster employee Scope 3 data reporting. Better education, accessible to everyone.

Launch themed climate campaigns

Get climate engagement fast. Let your employees drive the climate agenda themselves. Launch company-wide campaigns from our preloaded theme library.


Become a CO2HERO today

Are you looking to engage your employees with climate action?

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Education is boring

Sustainable education

Education through behavioural change

Access and time are two of the biggest barriers to successful sustainability training.

We make it fun and put it in your pocket.

CO2HERO is learning by doing.

Fight low engagement

Fight low engagement

An app your people will actually use

Gamified engagement through behavioural psychology. Gameplay that uses challenges and employee rewards.

Motivate and educate your teams.

Education is boring-1

Stop losing time

Automate employee Scope 3 reporting

Use CO2HERO as a source when reporting on your internal emissions. Draw insights in real-time.

Science-based and 100% reportable.

Our numbers so far

We are proud of the change we are making together with our clients

  • Save 2T co2 per person
  • 5 climate actions per week
  • 36 different countires
  • 69% avg. workforce engagement

"I would like to thank CO2HERO for this program. The Daily Commute challenge encouraged me to walk around 6 km from work to home. Before CO2HERO, I had no incentive to do this. I plan to start walking to work in the future, and I invite all my colleagues in our office to use the app."

Xeniya Ivova Bureau Veritas - HR Responsible

We cover a variety of lifestyles

A social sustainability platform to engage & educate employees and empowering them to take climate-friendly action. We make it fun.

Business travel lifestyle

Business Travel

Transform business travel norms. Make it easy for your teams. Prioritise nearby seminars, and eco-conscious commuting. Limit emissions, boost employee involvement, and cultivate a green ethos within the organisation.

reuse lifestyle


Elevate reusability daily. Prioritise refillables, extend product lifecycles and choose pre-owned goods. Diminish waste, involve employees, cultivate sustainable habits, and nurture an eco-friendly ethos.

daily commute lifestyle

Daily Commute

Encourage to reconsider daily commute routines. Motivate for remote work, cycling, or shared rides. Reduce carbon footprints, increase staff engagement, instill green behaviors and foster an environmentally responsible work environment.

recycle lifestyle


Lead a recycling revolution. Implement efficient sorting, promote creative repurposing, and ensure responsible disposal. Minimize ecological impact, engage the workforce, nurture sustainable routines, and foster a culture of conservation.