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Our Story

Susanna - Founder_CEO

The Inception

Susanne, with a flourishing corporate career in the financial sector, chose a different path in 2018, yearning for a more flexible work life and a desire to contribute to the climate. With concerns about the alarming state of the planet and a perception that it wasn’t receiving adequate attention or action, Susanne found many shared concerns but was unsure of where to begin. She was propelled by a firm belief that small individual contributions can accumulate to create a monumental impact. Eager to broaden her understanding, she immersed herself in a sustainability class to grasp the intricacies of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and comprehend calculable impacts.

The Evolution

In May 2019, a concept crystallized in Susanne’s mind: CO2HERO, an app envisioned to educate and engage individuals in climate consciousness. This spark ignited summers of contemplation about the feasibility, financial viability, and conceptualization of the app. By Autumn 2019, the decision was cemented, and CO2HERO was founded in 2020, with Martin joining as the first employee. The initial focus was B2C, emphasizing brand-building, logo creation, and user persona development, and culminated in a successful launch at New York Climate Week. The app’s essence is to facilitate behavioral change through gamification, targeting individuals who aspire to contribute but need guidance and motivation. The mission is to make sustainable living a habitual, enjoyable endeavor, thereby enabling individuals to feel empowered, accountable, and part of a larger change, aligning with the Danish saying, “All small streams make a river.”

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The Transformation

As CO2HERO matured, the realization of the significance of ESG reporting for large enterprises and the importance of employee engagement and education in sustainability became clear. This led to a strategic shift in 2022, pivoting to a B2B model to help companies and employees align with their CO2 saving goals, both in personal and professional realms. The refined approach still anchors on the dual pillars of Science and Gamification, emphasizing the enjoyment in behavioral change. In April 2023, Susanne resumed her role as CEO, after years as an active chairwoman, continuing her journey to make CO2HERO a beacon of personal responsibility and collective action in the fight against climate change.