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We got you covered

Our wide variety of Green Partners offers you a more sustainable choice when incentivizing your employees with corporate gifts.


Corporate gifts made green

Our Green Partner Network is the new era in corporate gifting programs. Gone are the days of unsustainable employee incentives. We have established a pre-vetted sustainable supplier network - ready on demand.

An easy, greener solution, where we do all the client management to ensure the smooth delivery of rewards to your workforce. The past several years, our Fortune 500 clients have been replacing their old corporate gifting programs with the Green Partner Network.

Green Partner brands we've worked with

  • Airbnb-4
  • Alter-Eco
  • CAKE-white-1
  • DoLand-3
  • Dott-2
  • EcoTree-1
  • Green-Chef
  • Liloomi-2
  • Lush-2
  • Marley-Spoon
  • moon-boon
  • Ooni-Pizza-Ovens
  • Our-Shift
  • Peets-Coffee
  • Responsible-Travel
  • Son-of-a-Tailor
  • Umberto-Giannini
  • Wavy-Wonders
  • We-Love-Planet
  • Zapp-Mobility
  • Zipcar-2
  • TIER-2
  • Pela-Aug-09-2023-07-09-09-1967-AM
  • Refurbed-1

Get climate engagement

Reward your people in the right way. Every climate-friendly action results in saving CO2, and an allocation of climate points. Climate points are scaled depending on the type of action to reflect individual improvements towards sustainable behaviour.

Your people can use their climate points to redeem green rewards selected by you. Rewards can be for physical or non-physical, based on individual effort or a collective group target.