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Make Climate Law a Competitive Advantage

A Playbook for ESG Leaders

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Are you struggling with CSRD? 

Join our live webinar with industry experts to understand how you can turn climate law into a competitive advantage. 

🗓 13th September 2023
⏰ 16:00 CET


Christine Uri, ESG Advisior, former Chief Sustainability & Legal Officer of ENGIE Impact, a renowned expert in helping legal teams establish impactful ESG programs, will share her insights on how your organization can benefit from early compliance to CSRD.


Hosted by Glen Roth, Chief Commercial Officer of CO2HERO.

What you will learn?

Explore the benefits of early CSRD compliance. Christine will mention the consequences of early compliance and how to get there. Benefits can be from boosting talent attraction, employee retention, investments, B2B collaborations, etc.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to educate yourself on climate law, and the undeniable benefits it has to you.

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