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Get real time employee Scope 3 reporting, and reduce your footprint.


Get employee climate engagement

Fooprint Reduction
CO2HERO uses behavioural science and gamification to make taking climate action habitual. 

ESG Reporting
We offer sustainability campaigns that are tailored to your organisation's unique objectives.

Gamified experience
The app comes packed with fun and engaging features!

Accurate employee Scope 3 reporting

Whether you use GRI, SDG, TCFD, or SBTi, CO2HERO has you covered with third party vetted data backed by a magic circle professional service firm and esteemed climate scientists.

Employees can track their progress


Shared challenges for teamwork


Become a CO2HERO today

Are you looking to engage your employees with climate action?

If so, let's chat.

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Increase employee motivation and productivity

CO2HERO focuses on making sustainable routine easy and engaging. Guarantees that it won't be just another forgotten app.


Build a stronger corporate sustainability culture

We promote teamwork and collaboration towards group objectives. Employees will gradually change their daily routine and see the same happening in their colleagues' daily lives. 


Reduce costs associated with energy and resource consumption

A more sustainable internal culture not only translates to a better lifestyle, but also into cost reduction.