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Unite your colleagues for a greener tomorrow


Benefit from group challenges and teamwork

Gamified  Education
CO2HERO uses behavioural science and gamification to share knowledge.

Real-time Reporting
We offer sustainability campaigns that are tailored to your organisation's unique objectives.

Tailored Experiences
The app comes packed with engaging features and it constantly gets updated with more!

#1 Social sustainability platform

Get employee climate engagement. We solve the real problem: training and engaging people needs to be done on a personal level.

Employees can track their progress


Shared challenges for teamwork


Become a CO2HERO today

Are you looking to engage your employees with climate action?

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Education, boring.

It is hard to educate. It is hard to show people the impact they make. So, make it fun. Make it interactive. Make engagement skyrocket with micro-quizzes, personalised facts, and green rewards.

Are you struggling to motivate your teams? Are you fighting to make people care? Gamification is at the heart of our secret-sauce. Only when you create an emotional attachment to climate action will employees ever care about their organisations' carbon goals.


Real-time report and impact

Measure your sustainability impact in real-time and motivate your team to do more. Key areas include Daily Commute, Reuse, Recycle, Business Travel, Food, Drinks, Composting, and Carpooling.

By providing your employees with real-time feedback on their climate actions, you can motivate them to continue making positive changes. This leads to more conscious and engaged people who are committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


Build the economic case for HR

Return on investment is now a clear business case. HR can measure its impact in Euros and Dollars: the new metric for success. 

Climate Action can save money by reducing expenses. A better bottom line for your company. 

Whether you want to reduce energy consumption, promote waste reduction, or encourage sustainable transportation, our campaigns are designed to meet your organisations' specific needs. 

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Tailored sustainability campaigns

Transform your people into eco-champions. Now you can launch custom Climate Challenges in minutes, all while earning rewards and measuring Scope 3 emissions.

Put the power back in the hands of your teams. Let them drive the climate agenda themselves. 

Our fun and interactive Challenges can increase motivation, and environmental awareness among employees, which contributes to the development of a sustainable corporate culture. Let's unite for a better world and cut down today.