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Real-time CO2 savings. Fast, reportable data.


avg saving 2


Avg. saving for select kitchen supply costs

*Western Europe & Nordic data 2022

avg engagement


Avg. engagement rate across all industries


avg saving 3-1


Avg. saving on select office kitchen expenses per quarter

*US/APAC regional data 2022


avg boost


Avg. boost in adoption with new Food and Drink Lifestyles


avg saving


Avg. saving on business waste costs per quarter. *US/APAC regional data 2022


Avoid waste cost

Saving CO2 leads to cost savings

Recycling, reusing, and less consumption at work can save your business money. 

Make the economic business case for ESG.


Fight low engagement

An app your people will actually use

Gamified engagement through behavioural psychology. Gameplay that uses challenges and employee rewards.

Motivate and educate your teams.


Stop losing time

Automate employee Scope 3 reporting

Use CO2HERO as a source when reporting on your internal emissions. Report and draw insights in real time. 

Science-based and 100% reportable.

We are here for 


Sustainability Managers

You can now tie environmental success to the company’s bottomline. Avoid costs. Fight waste. Avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing. Better corporate reputation. Time poor? Let us help.

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HR Managers

You can now fight low employee engagement around environmental issues. Crack the code of building adoption. Reduce the fiction and pains of training and development. Let’s begin. 

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Communication Managers

Are you struggling to tell an effective environmental story? Are employees failing to see their impact? Get meaningful employee Scope 3 carbon insights that can be communicated fast.  

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Coming up with ideas for climate events is hard. What should we do for Earth Day 2024?  How will we make our teams care?  Can we measure the impact we make?

Launch company-wide campaigns from our preloaded theme library. CO2HERO is a turnkey climate campaign solution for managers in Sustainability, Communications, and Human Resources. Fast, effective roll-outs that get high engagement.

  • Earth DayWorld Environment DayWorld Ocean Day, Clean up days, Commuting challenges, and over 100 more.
  • See real-time data the moment your campaign launches, from CO2 savings to which people and teams are leading the climate action.

  • Be first to report on Scope 3 employee impact across your workforce. All data is 100% based on climate-science and third-party verified for reporting purposes. 

Become a CO2HERO today

Are you looking to engage your employees with climate action?

If so, let's chat.

Jean-louis Salinas, Siemens Energy

I am so pleased to announce that together with my colleagues from @siemensenergy and our partner CO2HERO, we are starting Climate Challenges.

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